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Posted by: Peter Connelly, 020 7612 3900 7 Mar 14 - 12:00AM
General | Media Planning & Buying
By Peter Connelly Consultant Click here to see our latest roles! If you were to take a poll of the most commonly used acronyms in the work environment, I’m almost certain that the stand-out to...
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Aspire Global Network Asia | Media Recruitment

Media Jobs, Creative & Digital Jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong

Aspire Global Network Asia are recruitment specialists covering Media jobs, including Sales, Media Planning & Buying, Market Research jobs, Digital jobs, Creative & Design & Editorial jobs.

With offices in Singapore and Hong Kong,  we are recruiting media jobs across Asia and as part of Aspire Global Network we are fully connected to the other Network brands, pfj, Periscope & RPCushing in London.

Asia continues to grow at an enviable pace and our clients, marketing services groups and digital companies all have strong growth plans which needs to be managed and developed by quality people. We are working with people from across the globe because although Asia has developed some of the greatest talent on the planet there is still a demand for people from the rest of the world to try their skills in a range of emerging markets. It is a great opportunity to take a big step up, enjoy a change of lifestyle and often benefit from favourable tax regimes.

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