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Twinterview - MNCs

30 May 12 - 12:00AM  | General
Welcome to the first in our series of 'Twinterviews' - mini interviews with our clients where thye must answer in no more than 140 characters.

 First in the spotlight,  the newest kids on the block in Asia. We're getting behind the curtain of the mysterious MNC’s, and finding out what the future holds in mar comms for APAC from digital, agency, and client side perspectives. All in less than 140 characters!

AA: How did the company start?
BP: BigPond Movies was our founding client

AA: What keeps you ahead of your competitors?
BP: Unique approach to measuring and maintaining R.O.I

AA: What kind of people work for Global Rev Gen?
BP: Bright, curious and sense of humour

AA: What’s been the highlight of your career?
BP: The day our phone rang and new business began to find us

AA: What will be the next digital gamechanger of the future?
BP: any mobile device will shine

AA: Who inspires you?
BP: Ghandi, Steve Jobs

AA: Favourite Asian dish?
BP: Combination short and long soup

AA: Who do people say you look like?
BP: Hugh Jackman

So there you have it! If you'd like your company to feature in next month's Twinterview, please get in touch with us.

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